10 New Positions Approved at APD’s Emergency Communications Center – City of Albuquerque

Fri. Sept. 19, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE – The Albuquerque Police Division right now introduced 10 new positions for 911 Operators On the Emergency Communications Center. APD management additionally talked about challenges relating to staffing and wait events which Is a matter plaguing the nation.


The Emergency Communications Center Is permitted for 75 911 Operators and has 74 positions Full of one vacancy. Tright here are 42 accredited Dispatcher positions, 30 of That are crammed, with 12 vacancies.

Since COVID first hit in 2020, 911 operation facilities nationwide have seen challenges with staffing. As a Outcome of Of these challenges, APD has made vital modifications and enhanced incentives to make employment On the ECC extra interesting. Pay will enhance went into influence bringing Telecommunicators 1, from $21.28 an hour to $24.31 and Telecommunicator 2, from $22.23 an hour to $26.63 an hour.

Trainings have additionally been restructured shortening new lease trainings With none sacrifice to service. Incentives for referrals have been put in place, signaling bonuses carried out and We now have additionally established an settlement with CNM for the Telecommunicator Academy.

Wait Times:

In early 2022, APD employed An outdoors vendor To guage staffing and course of On the ECC. From that audit, which Might be found right here, 40 % of names that come into 242-COPS have been found to be not police associated.

The Nationwide Regular for 911 is To answer 90 % of names inside 15 seconds, and 95 % anshave beend inside 20 seconds.  Roughly 80% of our names are anshave beend inside this Time physique. Tright here’s not a Nationwide Regular for a non-emergency line Similar to 242-COPS.

APD is striving for No Greater than 180 seconds, or three minutes To answer the non-emergency line. We’re at 75%- 80% % curleasely and Prior to now had hit As little as 30%.  The time names are anshave beend is immediately influenceed by three problems, staffing, Quantity of names, and complexity of names.

With regard to 911 names, APD has recently expertised factors when Tright here is a esdespatchedial incident and dozens Of people are nameing 911 All of a sudden For The identical incident which ties up the strains. Tright here have additionally been ongoing factors with people nameing the emergency line for non-emergency factors, For event nameing to look at the time of day or date.

“As APD acknowledges not all names are anshave beend to The extent anticipated, the department is working diligently To fulfill The general public’s expectations,” said Chief Harold Medina. “My hope is with 10 newly funded positions at our Emergency Communications Center, This will higher assist in replying names as shortly as potential.”

Measures Taken:

With the challenges APD has confronted On the ECC When it Includes staffing and wait events, many modifications have been carried out To assist enhance each areas of concern.

–       242-COPS is now in a displayed queue requested from telephone vendor.  Preliminary testing accomplished and Arrange useful.

–       Staff have been employed to display inbound 242 names To permit them to be despatched to The required service ie. 311, 242 queue, 911, and so on.

–       Establishing telephone tree for 242-COPS with The mannequin new telephone system.

–       Know-how Spidr Tech carried out to measure group member satisfaction.

–       When nameers are surveyed from Spidr Tech about their satisfaction with their expertise, we’ve acquired (4/5)

–       Automated name agains to textual content material messages to advise of delays.

–       Implemented single queue trial as useful in IXP audit. Call maintain events truly enhanced. Tried a second trial with similar end outcomes.

–       Piloted an appointment-based mostly system for names. Simply one particular person most properly-appreciated this as all completely diffeleases most properly-appreciated on-line reporting.

–       New CAD system anticipated to go stay in November.

–       Amended hiring requirements to comport with native hiring and modifications in state regulation with respect to hashish.

–       Recruiting assisted fund new advertisements for tv and billboards.

–       Implementing social media to assist in recruiting.

As A method To raised inform The general public on when to name 242-COPS versus 911, two TikTok movies have been posted to the department’s TikTok account, And will be found right here: 242-COPS, 911.

Misconceptions about Calling 242-COPS and 911:

APD typinamey receives complaints from The general public thOn they referred to as 911 and the telephone just rang Many events. As quickly as The choice is routed by way of your mobile supplier and the state 911 change, it goes Proper into a queue and is both anshave beend In any other case You will hear a recording. If a nameer nonetheless hears ringing, That choice has not been destayred to 911.

It is not potential with The curlease system to get a busy signal so if a nameer hears that, it Is in all probability going a service problem.

Callers Can additionally state they tried referred to as 242-COPS or 911 a number of events with no reply. Like most completely diffelease methods, if a nameer hangs up and names again, you go to The prime of the queue.

Anyone Considering about Engaged on the Emergency Communications Center can discover extra Particulars about curlease openings right here.