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It was no shock to open The mannequin new Mexican and discover two commentaries dangerous-moufactor columnist Milan Simonich and defending the late ungood U.S. Sen. Joe Montoya (“Joseph Montoya deserves penhance, not criticism,” My View, Aug. 28), (“Column doesn’t mirror Montoya’s contrihoweverions,” My View, Aug. 28).

Simonich’s column was spot on (“Watergate was no boon For mannequin spanking new Mexico’s investigating senator,” Ringside Seat, Aug. 8). Montoya was a minor participant from a small, poor state who constructed his popularity on The identical factor every politician does: spending tax dollars, our tax dollars. Each of Montoya’s defenders truly cited this as Definitely one of Montoya’s strengths. And that’s New Mexico’s drawback.

Why would anyone assume that makes a senator or recurrentative An excellent chief?

I had lunch with a good friend final week who shocked me by asking what can we do to get New Mexico greater in any class By which we dwell Inside the basement. My quick reply to any drawback Inside the state is education.

Our education system is woefully overburdened with unqualified directors employed by unqualified school board members. These school board members are elected as a Outcome of They’ve a fan base, typically from prolonged households. Most are uneducated themselves, bragging that They Appear to be a product of the awful school district they now recurrent.

Politicians’ first reply to any drawback is throw Further money at it. On this case, let’s pay teachers Further money. I do know many good teachers, A pair of good ones. I additionally know A lot extra who Ought to not be teachers as a Outcome of 1) they lack The proper education to be one; 2) they lack the teaching To steer/handle a classroom 3) they’re doing it as a Outcome of it’s a j-o-b — a paycheck. Teverying Isn’t a job; it’s a lifelong journey of turning into greater, adapting to strong circumstances, studying youngsters and discovering A gooder Method to convey them alongside.

When The good teachers get a pay enhance, so do the dangerous ones. The place is The motivation to study and enhance? Why Try and reinforce when the politicians will throw Further money at you Because you’re in a union that fights for enhances for all teachers?

Politicians can cease this cycle, however most lack the intelligence and virtually all lack the backbone to say no to a lobbyist with a juicy bone in his or her hand. All legislators are On the market; don’t baby your self in any other case.

We should elect People who will do Higher than vote the celebration line and ship money (not theirs, however taxpayers’) house to small tasks that Ought to not be a precedence. That’s what Montoya did, as do our current U.S. recurrentatives and senators. They’re extra Considering about getting reelected than creating an financial system in New Mexico Aside from taking In additional federal tax dollars than we ship to Washington.

The upcoming (presently) forecast additional $2.5 billion Inside the state’s price range starting July 1, 2023, certainly Shall be wasted on unproven Education schemes, Computer software packages that don’t educate youngsters, Further money for teachers (which Will not make them care extra nor be greater teachers) and wasteful spending on pet tasks scattered All by way of the place Inside the state Rather than Specializing in A pair Of huge tasks That Can be accomplished comparatively shortly and make An monumental distinction to extra residents.

I used to be stymied by my good friend’s question then and am now. We will’t do somefactor To reinforce the state till we elect a governor, legislators (federal and state) And native politicians Who’re ready To steer by planning, collaborating and executing on significant tasks Which will make a distinction in New Mexico. It hasn’t occurred since 1912; don’t Search for a change anytime quickly.

Robert Trapp is The earlier proprietor of the Rio Grande Photo voltaic in Española.